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My whole life I've worked to improve my community.  From  working in schools and volunteering, I strive daily to make my neighborhood a better place. 

I grew up in 
a working class family in Canton, Ohio, where my parents worked tirelessly so that I could go to  Ohio University.  Their support allowed me to be the first in my family to graduate from college.  I was raised to believe that when you are lucky enough to get a hand up, you need to return that help — so I joined the Peace Corps and applied my education in science as a volunteer in Africa and Panama.

Since returning to the United States, I moved to my husband’s, Ed Geis, boyhood home in Zanesville and adopted the Muskingum and Guernsey communities as my hometown. Here, I chose to make my home, raise my two daughters and work in education.  My desire to make my home a better place has driven me to get involved in many community activities.  

I've worked with government organizations, created community outreach organizations, and volunteered to give back to the home that gave me so much.  In the daytime, I work as a teacher in environmental science, but my most important work is as a mother of my two beautiful children.

In my spare time I am an active sports mom.  I volunteer to help the school, church youth group and local sports teams.  I am an avid animal lover and loyal owner to two rescue dogs and herd of cats. I also sing with a swing band and I am a square dance caller.

I know how it feels to live on a budget, make do with less and work hard to provide a stable life for my family.  I hold two part-time jobs to make ends meet.  These experiences have prepared me to work with government in community development and school reformstwo of the most important issues facing the 97th District.


I am an active participant in improving the schools and the community.  I participate in many organizations and volunteer activities including:

Peace Corps:
Africa - worked in squatter settlements to improve health and environmental conditions, created a recycling program, organized and managed litter clean up campaigns, worked as the environmental consultant for the Mbabane City Council, helped create, organize and implement a nationwide World Environment Day fair.
Panama- taught English as a second language, coordinated the local environmental groups, translated environmental information.

YMCA - Created and led specific exercise classes for Senior citizens, toddlers and youth, and adults.
Kid Stuff Sale - Help to organize, advertise and volunteer for this recycling event to help local mothers and children.
Girl Scouts - Troop leader for 5 years.  Created lessons, meetings, activities and outings on many different topics.  Organized and maintained cookie sales.
Home and School League- Volunteered, organized events, organized fundraisers.
Earth Day Fair - Envisioned, created, organizes and implemented 6 community fairs bringing governmental groups, local businesses, artisans and educational booths to over 500 people.
Science Fair - Judge for district 9 science fair.
Habitat for Humanity - Construction.
Animal Shelter - She and her daughters walk dogs, bring in donations, read to cats and of course rescue animals.  
First Christian ChurchHelp to organize, run and provide for youth events.